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This is How Much Netflix and YouTube Streaming You Get With Airtel’s New Amazing Data Bundles

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The other day, Airtel Kenya announced that it had revamped its famous Amazing Data bundles packages, offering more data for the same price.

The new packages saw the amount of data offered rise by approximately 20% across the board. This means that for those who used the Amazing Data bundles for streaming, you can now enjoy even more streaming time for the same amount of money.

Before we get to the number of hours you can now stream on Netflix and YouTube, here’s the new rates you get with Amazing Data Bundle:

  • Amazing 20 = 200MB valid for 24 hours (previous bundle: 100MB) at KES 20
  • Amazing 50 = 500MB valid for 24 hours (previous bundle: 400MB) at KES 50
  • Amazing 50 = 350MB valid for 7 days (previous bundle: 200MB) at KES 50
  • Amazing 100 = 750MB valid 7 days (previous bundle: 500MB) at KES 100
  • Amazing 300 = 3GB valid for 30 days (previous bundle: 1.5 GB) at KES 300
  • Amazing 500 = 5GB valid for 30 days (previous bundle: 4 GB) at KES 500
  • Amazing 1000 = 12GB valid for 30 days (previous bundle: 10 GB) at KES 1000
  • Amazing 2000 = 30GB valid for 30 days (previous bundle: 25 GB) at KES 2000

With the new bundle packages, this is how much streaming time you get compared to the previous packages:

BundleData Streaming Time NowStreaming Time Before
Amazing 50 (Daily)500MB30 minutes daily24 minutes daily
Amazing 100 (Weekly)750MB45 minutes weekly30 minutes weekly
Amazing 500 (Monthly)5GB5 hours monthly4 hours monthly
Amazing 1000 (Monthly)12GB12 hours monthly10 hours monthly
Amazing 2000 (Monthly)30GB30 hours monthly25 hours monthly

For those who choose to enjoy Netflix or YouTube out-of-bundle, thanks to Airtel’s new #BeSure tariff, out-of-bundle rates are now charged at 1 shilling per 5MB used, which translates to:

  • 158 bob for 1 hour of Netflix
  • 100 bob for 1 hour of YouTube

To access these new rates, Airtel subscribers will be required to dial *544*2#. All the new Amazing Data Bundles still come with the usual free unlimited WhatsApp even when the selected data bundles run out but the expiry period is still valid.

Disclaimer: The above streaming times are estimates based on viewing 480p content on a standard mobile phone

DISCLAIMER: This article is a sponsored article and does not substitute for professional advice or help. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility.

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