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Coronavirus Memes Are Overloading Our Network – Says Telecom Executive


On Friday, Russia’s biggest telecoms provider pleaded with clients to stop sending coronavirus memes and viral videos.

“Memes and keeping in good spirits are important, but it is important to be responsible about using content online.” MTS President Alexei Kornya said in a statement on the company’s website.

He called on Russians to ‘refrain from sending around funny but ‘heavy’ videos via messengers to dozens of contacts,’ straining the telecoms infrastructure.

The Internet has exploded with coronavirus-related memes worldwide as face-to-face contacts have decreased because of lockdowns and quarantines.

Here’s Some of the best Memes Online – Click To View

There’s A Silver Lining To All Of This

Especially for us as Kenyans, whenever there’s something not so normal in society, using memes or GIFs helps us express how we’re feeling. While other Twitter users may not be equally convinced that things will “be ok,” they are finding the humour in home-quarantine situations.

A search for “coronavirus” on any social media platform yields thousands of memes. People are seeking humour in a tense and frightening time. And that is okay.

“I think using art and humour right now probably is one of the most comforting things in times like this. At least for me. It normalizes the situation we’re in without really ignoring the concern.”

It can get quite scary when we’re at home and we can’t really do much to stop the spread of the virus. So it’s good to take into account some good memes and enjoy the sunshine in the storm. It helps take your mind off the situation. In some cases, it may give you hope even.


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