Here’s How 2018 Netflix Series, My Secret Terrius, Predicted COVID-19

my secret terrius
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The attention of many Netflix viewers has been funnelled down to the Korean Tv series ‘My Secret Terrius’ that seemingly predicted the coronavirus pandemic from as far back as 2018.

In the TV series that continues to make waves on social media, the coronavirus is being mutated as a weapon of destruction. The protagonist a doctor tries desperately to find a cure for it.

In her findings, the doctor finds out that the virus had been mutated to include 90% mortality when compared to ‘MERS’ an older strain of Coronavirus  (that existed in real life).

Coincidentally, the strain of the virus in the TV series has an incubation period of between two to 14 days. Having no cure for the virus, a later scene in the TV series shows a classroom of students being taught how to clean their hands to avoid the spread of the virus.

Having watched this series in 2018, and later followed the news in 2020 I’d understand if you get a feeling of deja vu. That is understandable given the close resemblance of the events on the TV show to those of the current COVID-19 that has the world in crisis.

The question on a lot of viewer’s minds remains whether this was a prediction or just sheer coincidence.

However, this is not the first TV show or movie that paints a grim picture of what would happen in the instance of a pandemic. Here are some movies that have speculated the possible outcomes:



Image Courtesy New York Post

This fictional film by  Steven Soderbergh’s is a sociological study of how the world would react in the instance of a pandemic. This scary yet thrilling film takes a dive into a fictional possibility.

The Flu

the flu

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This fictional film of South Korean origin is built around a sudden spread of H5N1 flu. The flu spreads fast and threatens to kill anyone infected in 36 hours. This thriller builds a scenario where over 1 million people risk being wiped out of the face of the earth.

Other such movies include: The Cassandra Crossing, Infection and Virus(2019)


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