Telkom 4G MiFi- Setup, Login And How To Buy Data Bundles

Telkom MiFi router
Image courtesy Telkom

Internet access is proving to be more of a necessity than a luxury and thanks to Telkom 4G MiFi, you can have affordable internet whether at your workplace, home or simply on the go. MiFi devices have been a trend among telecommunication companies in a bid to give Kenyans easily accessible internet that one can easily share with others as well.

The router from Telkom may very well be one of the most affordable MiFi devices but with the quality still up for question in comparison to its competitors. Starting at Kes.5000, the device was fortunately reduced to Kes.4,000 which is positive.

With the router, one is able to connect up to 15 devices simultaneously. This especially offers convenience considering some from different brands connecting to just 8 devices at maximum. The device also comes with fair speeds of up to 150Mbps on 4G LTE for downloads and up to 50Mbps on the same bandwidth for uploads.

So, here’s how to set up the device for connection and log in for bundle purchase:

  1. Note down the default WiFi key that can be found at the back of the device underneath the battery.
  2. Hold the power button to turn the router on. This is notified by the battery and network lights.
  3. Using the WiFi key, connect to the router’s network and browse to on your preferred browser on your PC to access the dashboard. The dashboard lets you access the network settings, usage stats, check notifications, block certain devices from accessing your network and update the device’s firmware among other settings. We would, however, recommend setting up the app, as it makes things easier while you’re on the move.
  4. Logging onto the dashboard will then prompt you to change your admin password, WiFi key and SSID to any of your choice.
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Setting A Data Plan And Buying Bundles

On the dashboard, simply go to the Statistics tab, click on Edit, set the start date, data plan and threshold at which you want to be notified that your bundle is about to run out. Alternatively, on the app, you can simply tap on the data counter on the home screen and then settings icon on the top right then set your plan.

To purchase the bundles, you can just log in to the Telkom portal or the Telkom shop by inserting a SIM card into a phone and dialling *544#.

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  1. Between the Telkom MiFi and The Faiba MiFi…which one would you recommend and why?

    1. it will depend on how good the coverage is for either of the two at your area. We would, however, recommend the Faiba MiFi more.

  2. Sorry but,faiba is better.the mifi is just the same as a SIM card bundles,no change.u better buy even a wifi.mark that there is no unlimited bundles

  3. Hello Mr Waweru.
    I bought a Faiba MIFI device and attempted to use it with a Telkom card.
    Nothing doing!
    Where am I going wrong?
    Dr John Wahome.

    1. It needs to have a Faiba SIM card so you can access their data packages.

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