Google Reportedly Applies For License To Continue Working With Huawei

Google Huawei trade ban
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Despite the trade ban suspension by the US government, it still stands that the relationship between Google and Huawei is in shambles. This has forced Huawei to stand alone, creating its own mobile services as an alternate to Google’s. This even includes a sole OS that launched with the Mate 30 device.

But it now seems that Google is having a hard time letting go. As per a new report, the company has applied to the US government to resume business dealings with Huawei. The news reportedly came from Google Play vice president Sameer Samat in an interview with DPA (via Finanzen).

Samat refrained from revealing when a decision would be made on the application, although a final decision is likely out of Google’s hands in the first place. Other companies have also applied for the same with the likes of Microsoft receiving the green light, which might be a source of hope for Google. So as of now, Huawei can continue shipping its laptops with Windows OS.

Besides, the Chinese brand CEO, Richard Yu, did admit that they would be willing to update the Mate 30 series immediately if Google gets back on board. So, as much as there might be anxiety, the light is shining brighter for both sides.

But until the circumstances change, the new Huawei devices will be forced to run the independent system. In fact, Google has warned its users against sideloading its apps on unsupported Huawei devices. Any further information from here on out will surely be interesting to have though.

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