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Twitter’s New Feature Now Lets You Easily Thread Your New Tweets With Older Ones

Twitter New Thread Feature
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You no longer have to go through the hassle of digging all through your Twitter profile to reply to a newer tweet. Twitter has now added a feature that makes it easy for you to connect an earlier post with a current one. Thanks to the update, you can now just pull down to see your earlier tweets when writing your missive.

You then tap the “continue thread” or ellipsis button to find an older tweet to reply to. This apparent;y a new to do something that has been possible for a while. Additionally, it could spare you from scrapping a tweet if you forgot to reply, mind you. Also, if you’re the kind that has to update your followers or friends on developing events, this change could really help you save a huge amount of time.

This is, of course, one of the many changes that have been coming to Twitter for some time now in a bid to make the social media site more user-friendly. Of course, there is still a whole lot of stuff to be done with the platform. This is both on mobile and desktop including the general UI that had mixed emotions when updated last year.

With hopes of making this better, of course, the attention to fine details such as this is good enough. But what everyone seems to be asking for has not been delivered yet by Twitter. After all, how long does it take to give the people an edit button? That’s all they ask.

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