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Checkout What Kenyans Have Been Up To on TikTok in 2019

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TikTok has been a big hit all over the world and not just in Kenya. The short-form lip-sync video platform has seen tremendous growth across the globe attractive young users to the platform for its unique virality factor.

In Kenya, there are around 1 Million active TikTok users, which is a big deal for a platform that just started being a hit the other day. As the platform’s presence in Kenya grows, the company has also decided to put a special focus in the country.

In this piece we rewind the clock and take a look at what made TikTok so popular in 2019, curated through a vote that was held on the platform:

Best in Comedy:

The first category celebrates the TikTok comedians who kept the community laughing in 2019. The award in this category goes to comedian @rodahyz, known for her improvisation skills and a great sense of humour.


Best in Dance:

TikTok hosted a number of dance challenges this year. One of the most popular was #sokotechallenge dance. And the winner in this category is, @tasha_nashaa


Best in Fashion:

This category includes TikTok creators who kept up with 2019 fashion trends and how they shared this with the community. Based on her glowing videos and known for her  #iusedtobebeautiful song, @polly_wachirah was crowned 2019’s TikTok fashionista.


Best Moving Moment:

TikTok user  @edwinstarmax took it upon himself to keep the community in touch with their emotions this year through his creative moving moment skills.


Best Transition:

TikTok videos are best watched with a smooth transition between compiled videos. But who was the smoothest of them all? That’s got to be @abubakar._254


The company also released a list of Top creators, popular celebrities and the most popular challenges through 2019 in Kenya:

Most popular creators

  1. @naughty_by_nature11
  2. @dzireo
  3. @morgyadrian
  4. @antony_siajabu_ilon
  5. @afrobeatswithkamau

Most popular celebrities

  1. @ericomondi
  2. @vivianne_ke,
  3. @nadiamukami,
  4. @terencecreative
  5. @masauti

Most popular challenges

  1. #tiktokkenyasquad
  2. #africanmom
  3. #tryme
  4. #churchgirl
  5. #parteafterparte

Before the year ends, TikTok has announced one last challenge for Kenyan creators to share the festive joy with fellow users. Dubbed the Summer Christmas challenge, the challenge kicks off from 20th December 2019 under the hashtag #KenyaXmas on TikTok.

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