PUBG Mobile Offers New Update With New Mode, Snowboarding And More

PUBG Mobile Winter Festival
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Christmas has, of course, arrived early for PUBG Mobile players with the latest update coming just in time for the long holiday season. As expected, the update dubbed the Winter Festival, comes with new exciting features that include a new mode and we all know how well those tend to be for the game and the die-hard players.

Thanks to Tencent Games, the full 0.16.0 patch notes are already published indicating details of everything that’s been newly updated. This includes a new fresh winter theme to bring in a holiday spirit to the chaotic Erangel.

New PUBG Mobile Mode…Finally!

First up is the RageGear mode under the EvoGround category that continues to expand the unique ways you can play PUBG Mobile beyond the classic Battle Royale mode. The new mode is team-based focusing on vehicles with each player designated as either a driver or a shooter and assigned to vehicles in pairs.

With that in mind, each vehicle is installed with a powerful weapon; either a Gatling mounted shotgun or a mounted RPG. Additionally, each weapon fires automatically when the driver points their vehicle towards an enemy. The designated shooter gets to choose between an RPG grenade launcher or heavy machine gun and can fire freely at enemies.  Players also swap roles any time the vehicle is destroyed.


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Interestingly, the RageGear mode actually offers two modes to play: a more custom deathmatch mode that we are already used to and the Pick Up Mode which tasks teams with collecting Points Crates scattered around the RageGear map. You can find it all in the EvoGround tab under the PlayLab section.

Freestyle Snowboarding

This might be one of the most interesting new features that come with the update next to the helicopter addition that came with a previous update. Luckily, the new feature comes in the Classic Mode making it as approachable as possible. So yes, if you queue up to play on Erangel, you have a chance of being transported to the Snow Paradise.

In there, each player is equipped with a snowboard on the drop plane which you can then use on three mountainous areas around the map. You use your snowboard on the snow-capped hills the same way you would enter and exit another vehicle in the game.


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More to that, there are even ski lifts available to take you back up to the top of the game. However, be mindful to not be too distracted by the fun to forget that there’s a Battle Royale raging around you.

The Snow Paradise mode pops up randomly so you may need to try a couple of times before you get to test it out. You’re unable to shoot while snowboarding, leaving you completely open to sneak attacks so be aware of that. All this is just but a part of all the new features that come with the update, so be sure to check out the game to get the full holiday experience.

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