Swvl- Breaking The Matatu Mould, Surviving 2020 and New Carpool Service

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  1. Very detailed review. The Spark is indeed a very good budget device

  2. I should get this as a back up. A decent phone

  3. Lovely phone. God specs for an affordable price

  4. I What’s wrong with the storage capacity of this tecno spark 4 ,the moment I try downloading more apps am being g told there is no space ,when I check the storage capacity it’s only 3.75 GB used of 32GB .What might be the problem?

  5. Very good review….the spark 4 is really slow ….the keyboard and Facebook messenger…it even slower comperd to other lower specs phone

  6. Honestly and the is so annoying

  7. Seriously, if I had known, I wouldn’t have purchase this Tecno spark 4. The phone is quite slow most especially the keyboard message and that of Facebook messenger compare to other lower phones..

  8. at least the Tecno Spark 5 and the Tecno Spark 5 Pro are great upgrades to the Spark 4 variant launched last year! the configuration ahs upgraded multifold

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