Some Of The Craziest World Records In The World Of Gaming

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Let’s be honest; most of us just want to play video games in our spare time. Sometimes we don’t even want to. We don’t want to worry about breaking world records and filing paperwork with Guinness World Records. It is just too much work. But for some, this is all they live for. While you are just casually trying to get to the next level in Call of Duty, someone wants to hold the title for the longest gaming session or most kills.

But do not blame them. After all, we all want to be remembered for something in the end. These gaming world records may be pretty boring for some. But still, they are interesting to explore.

Largest Video Game Controller


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There may have been the biggest functioning Nintendo’s Gameboy but this is slightly different., The world’s largest video game controller, modelled after Nintendo’s iconic NES controller, is 30 times the size of a regular joypad. The oversized controller is so big that it requires at least three people to function. It was unveiled in 2012 in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition.

And if you’re wondering, yes, the controller is fully operational. As described by its creators, Ben Allen, the joypad would require you to be 50metres tall. According to Allen, he alongside other two engineering students were just passionate about gaming.

Most Participants In a Football Video Game

FIFA players will probably relate to the games to transferring controllers to different players in a single match. But this one beats it all. On June 11th, 2010, a grand total of 82 players took part in a single match of FIFA World Cup 2010. The event, held in London, coincided with the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. So, you can only imagine both the smell and the amount of shouting that took place in the venue that very day.

Of course, these players were sitting around in a stadium drinking copious amounts of booze. Moreover, the video game players simply dressed up or painted their faces, cheering their pixels on the screen for a few hours.

Youngest Pro Gamer

lil poison- guinness world records

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You may think gaming is for the young but this kid was way too young to the point of breaking a Guinness world record. Victor De Leon II, alias Lil Poison (don’t ask) was born on May 6th 1998. Being an expert in the Halo franchise, Victor, began a career in professional gaming at the tender age of six years. Taking this leap at such an age got him the recognition from Guinness. To this day, he is still recognised as the youngest professional gamer to ever participate in an esports tournament.

Whether registering him was a mistake or not, Victor actually proved to be really good in the tourney. At the age of seven, he made it to second place in a Halo 2FFA Tournament, which consisted of over 550 contestants.

Largest Payout For A Single Gamer


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You will most probably remember the luckiest pro gamer in the Fortnite World Cup held earlier this year in New York. With the tourney being the biggest ever held in the history of gaming, it sure did come with breaking a few Guinness world records. But the most recognisable one would be a huge chunk of money that Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf took to the bank. This earned him prestige not just among gamers but also the world of pop culture.

With the competition having a $30 million prize pool, Bugha was lucky enough to be the last man standing with points earning him $3million (about Kes.310 million ). Other than Bugha, the competition earned its own recognition for the largest pool prize with the player in the last place receiving $50,000 (Kes.5 million). So, basically, everyone walked away happy…at least.

Longest Playing Session


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We have heard cases of people binge gaming for so long that they are found dead in their bedrooms. Yet that’s after like 72 hours of gameplay. But that’s nothing to Australian gamer, Okan Kaya, who played Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 for 135 hours straight. That’s basically over five days.

Luckily though, Guinness World Records rules allow for one ten-minute break every hour, which Kaya could Bank and use in chunks. But I would bet this to be the easiest for someone else to break. But what do I know after all?

So, what’s setting you back?

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