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Watching Mark Zuckerberg Questioned Over Facebook And Libra Is Just Painful

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The six-hour-long session that was supposed to be all fun and laughing (well, not so much) partly about Facebook’s ongoing project, Libra, turned worse than hell for Mark Zuckerberg as the questioning got so tense, he almost looked like he would burst to tears. If you are just knowing about this right now, Facebook’ CEO and co-founder, was summoned for a chance to testify before the US Congress members and at least try to convince them why Libra should be allowed to exist in the first place.

This is after much scrutiny from government officials who have clearly expressed their concerns about allowing one of the world’s most scandalous companies to create and control people’s finances. The session, held on the 23rd, lasted almost all day with Zuckerberg peacefully being given the chance to read his and the company’s statement.

But what followed clearly revealed that none in the room was buying. At least none of the members of Congress. This is as the concerns mainly drew from the huge Cambridge Analytica scandal that still trails around the social network to this day.

You may not believe this, but that’s actually not the first thing that we talk about at the company. We focus on building services that are going to create value in people’s lives, and we believe that if we do that, we’re eventually able to get some of the value downstream.

The Fun Bit

In particular, one congresswoman, Joyce Beatty, who also happens to be the chair for the Sub-committee on Diversity and Inclusion had some pretty hard stuff to make clear with Zuckerberg. This was mostly to do with the diversity inclusion policies that Facebook has a company multi-billion dollar company.

And when we say it was hell for Zuckerberg, we mean exactly that. But one thing was entirely clear, Mark had not prepared himself for this rollercoaster at all. Mark was left speechless at almost every single question asked by Mrs Beatty in regard to diversity ethics.

But what this confusion came as a result of him ignoring to be at par with information that he had been given by the Congress committee prior to this hearing. Either way, you watch and do the judging.

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