SWVL: We Are Here To Stay, But What Do Kenyans Have To Say

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Bhae Bhae: I downloaded SWVL. It’s a good initiative. Needs to be less complex and more user-friendly. Will take some time to capture the market.

SWVL launched into the Kenyan Market in February 2019 at Nairobi Garage. The company initially started off with four routes and has increased to about fifty-five routes. They are now due to add more routes to cover more areas in Nairobi, as well as begin operations outside the capital city.

@69: Ah left home at 7.52 and right we are already at Sarit Center. Ruaka to Westlands in 22 mins, damn this is why I will fight anyone who fights SWVL.

SWVL has announced plans to pump $15 million (KES 1.5 billion) into its Kenyan operations. They plan to improve and also scale its business into other towns and routes.

I try as much as possible to use SWVL or little shuttle. No drama at all. You move from point A to B with zero drama

Murrey Fei: I’ve been waiting for my SWVL ride at the gate A Nyayo estate for 1:00 pm I’ve tried calling the driver to know where he is but he is not picking up so I have had to look for alternative transport it was really inconvenient very poor service.

SWVL pride themselves on customer service and always try to respond to complaints their customers may have. Case in point:

@SWVL: Hi Robert. We are sorry for the inconvenience and would like to assure you that we are doing our best to minimize these cases so you can have your commutes as seamlessly as possible. Thanks for letting us know.

They have had a few hick-ups along the way, pertaining to licenses and permissions to operate in Nairobi. Here’s how Kenyans felt about it:

This @SwvlKenya & Little Shuttle is an example of how government and horrible policies that are erratic can mess up with your startup growth plan. In other countries, governments actually support innovation. Ours is heavily taxing and suffocating growth.

It’s like @ntsa_kenya is there to prevent progress, make life harder for everyone and ensure public service transport remains
chaotic, what happened to the superficial enforcement of Michuki rules early this year?

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