How To Remove Ads From Your Infinix Smartphone

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Are you an Infinix user and you have been receiving ads you didn’t sign up for? Well here’s why and how you can stop these annoying pop-ups.

Why Are You Getting These Ads?

Infinix updated to XOS, a customized version of the Android OS on Infinix devices. It was released in 2016, works seamlessly and feels premium but it, unfortunately, comes with unwanted features. One such feature is the displaying of these unwanted ads.

Infinix has confirmed to Gadgets Africa that they have received the complaints and said that they are working on a fix but here are a couple of things you can do in the meantime, to resolve this issue:

How To Stop The Ads On Your Infinix Smartphone

The ads are sent via the XOS launcher and you can easily hide them by:

  1. Going to your home screen after you have updated the launcher
  2. Open the XOS menu by pressing and holding an empty space on the home screen
  3. Locate the “Other Settings” option by scrolling down
  4. Switch off the “Application Recommendation” option. This should turn off the pop-up ads

Ads are also shown by other apps like Google Chrome but there is, fortunately, a way to disable these settings as well.

  1. Open the app
  2. Move to the right edge of the address bar and open settings
  3. Scroll down and select “site setting” option
  4. Scroll to “pop ups” and switch it off

One other way is by downloading an ad blocker browser free off of the Google Play Store. It offers ways to which you can disable tracking and blocking of most ads. It also lets you decide what search engine you would like to use.

The methods above should help remove ads that disturb you when using your Infinix Smartphone. However, you should be careful when downloading third-party apps to reduce the number of pop ups that appear on your smartphone.

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