Fortnite Season X Extends For A Week With New Updates

fortnite week 10

We all thought that last week would be the last for Fortnite season X but it now seems like Epic has one more week on their hands. And with this week being the last week of the season, everyone is bracing for what may be the biggest update brought to the season yet.

But before that, we have a mini-patch, v10.40.1, which is set to bring in a few changes to the season.

wt lighthouse


For some unknown reason, Epic has decided to unvault the Flint-Knock pistol, which is a fun weapon. But they don’t seem to have retooled it in any way according to these patch notes, and I guess they just…wanted it back for some reason?

Zone Wars

It might have been too confusing to have four different Zone Wars playlists, so they’re being condensed into two for Solos and Parties. This is where you will head into one of the four Zone Wars maps at random instead of being able to pick. Maybe it was an issue with the population or something.

Season X Extension

Everyone was waiting for this to be the last week of the season but it seems for some weird reason that Epic isn’t ready to say goodbye.  However, there does not seem to be a new list of challenges arriving for week 10. Rather we are moving into “Out of Time” overtime challenges which have us collecting a few visitor recordings around the map and not doing much else.

These few challenges have been revealed to arrive on Oct 8th running till the 13th.

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