Xbox One Can Now Be Controlled Using Google Assistant

Xbox One x Google Asst.
Image: Chrome Unboxed

Google and Microsoft may not have much in common but this new feature spreading out to Xbox One users might very well be on the list.  One of Xbox One’s main selling points over the years has been voice control that was initially delivered via an upgraded Kinect unit.

Unfortunately, Kinect didn’t prove to be as perfect and was later on phased out. But to replace it was Alexa and Cortana voice controls which still made the console float on its own league of efficiency. Now, Google Assistant fans will be able to yell at their Xbox consoles thanks to a software upgrade that’s been rolling out.

Just by saying, “Hey Google, turn on Xbox,”  at a Google Assistant device you will be able to boot the system without having to walk all the way. The lucky kids that happen to own more than one console can also rename them differently.

For example, if you happen to have a console for the bedroom, you can just say, “Hey Google, turn on the bedroom Xbox.” This immediately gets that specific one powering up. For now, however, Xbox Action for Google Assistant is only limited to English as it is in its beta stage.

It is confirmed though that Google and Microsoft are working together to expand the language support before its full launch. Beta testers as of now have the privilege of using the voice control to turn the console on or off, launch games and apps, pause and resume, adjust volume and take screenshots.

Fortunately, every user can join the beta program. This is by signing in to your account and adding your Xbox as a device which will be listed under “[beta] Xbox”.

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