Gamescom 2019: PUBG Is Getting Crossplay on PS4 and Xbox One


PUBG Corporation took to the Gamescom stage on Monday during the Inside Xbox presentation to announce their own goodies that will be coming to the new fourth season of PUBG.

According to the developer, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground will be getting cross-platform play on consoles, particularly the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. However much this was already being demanded from players around the world, one wouldn’t help but just be excited to know that they will be playing against their friends that happen to own a different console.

With the developers only revealing the crossplay, they chose to leave some details like whether players on both platforms will be able to create squads together and play in the same group or if the cross-play will be limited to competition only.

Unfortunately for PC gamers, nothing was said about the platform’s cross-play plans, which leaves many to believe that PUBG Corp. will not be linking PC players to consoles. But in a game where the aim is crucial to success, it is no surprise that pitting console players against their PC opponents would be particularly unfair.

What may annoy a little more is the omission of PUBG Mobile from the presentation, especially while a game like Fortnite has successfully been able to unify versions across all platforms. But considering how different PUBG’s mobile version is from the console and PC versions, it would seem really difficult to unify them.

The presentation also came with the trailer for the game’s season 4 which showed off some of the updates that are headed to the console version of the game. This included the new season 4 Survivor Pass with the numerous rewards that come with it, as well as the new visual update for the Erangel map.

According to developers, the goal is to have PUBG cross-platform play available for testing on the PUBG Test Servers by late September and available for all players on live servers in early October.

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