Fortnite Season X: Full List Of Worlds Collide Challenges

Fortnite worlds collide

Week 3 of Fortnite Season 10 is here and as players were expecting new missions to keep them busy after the easy Spray and Pray challenges, Epic has decided to surprise us with the return of a familiar theme, “Worlds Collide!”. The new challenge has however been dated back to a tagline way back in season 5 that never really made any sense back then and still doesn’t even now.

Similarly to the previous set of challenges, completing the initial set of missions will determine how you progress to the next seven, so you will have to buckle up and place your best foot forward if you intend to conquer in week 3. And since you might need a little help, here’s the list of all that you’ll be required to do in this week’s Worlds Collide Challenge.

1. Use a Rift

This will require you to locate and use different rifts around the map which we will have a guide for in a different article.

2. Search for chests in the rift zones

There are currently two Rift Zones on the map, at Tilted Town and Retail Row. There will likely be more as the season progresses, but this is easy regardless.

3. Eliminate opponents at a mountain top Viking Village or Loot Lake

With many players opting to go for Loot lake, you will meet up with a lot of action at the location compared to Viking Village where you will have to fight your way to the challenge’s end and earn a place for another challenge

4. Eliminate opponents in the desert

The game offers you the whole desert to work with and fight against other players, which is a surprisingly easy task compared to the usual battles.

5. Consume foraged mushrooms in a single match

You can look for the mushrooms in locations where they grow in huge numbers which happens to best be located in the northwest, in the woods by Haunted Hills and Pleasant Park, though there are also a bunch in Lonely Lodge. Mushrooms grow in various areas, but this is the one we would recommend for you to go for them. Look for little blue caps sticking up.

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