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Microsoft Got Mac Book To Slam Apple Laptops in Latest Ad

Mac Book Microsoft Ad

Marketing in the United States is a serious game of bashing your competitor. We have seen the likes of Samsung do it with their smartphones, Android do it in comparison to iPhones, Apple in return never fails to attack Android over its privacy issues, heck, even BMW slammed Mercedes after their long-serving CEO retired and now, Microsoft has taken a jab at Apple over laptops.

In the latest Microsoft Surface ad, Windows hired an actor by the name, Mackenzie Book – in short, Mac Book. We cannot verify if this is the guy’s real name but the creativity is much noticed. The ad features a series of questions that Mac Book answers, from battery life, performance and even the touchscreen functionality of the Surface over the MacBook Air.

As expected, Mac Book shows his preference for the Surface over his own namesake pointing out that the Surface is faster and lasts longer (in terms of battery life) over the MacBook Air. When asked which one has a better touchscreen, Mac Book answers, “The surface has a better touchscreen… because it actually has a touchscreen.”

As the 30-second ad closes, the actor says, “You should get a surface. Trust me, I am Mac Book“.

The ad is pretty impressive and it’s not the first time that Microsoft has gone up against Apple directly in its advertisements. A long time ago, after Apple targeted Windows PCs in its adverts pointing out that Macs are much cooler and easier to use compared to PC, Microsoft responded with an ad of its own showing PC’s diversity over Mac’s.

It might take a while, but it will be quite entertaining if Apple responded to this new jab. Here’s the ad:


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