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Netflix Cheating is a Thing and There’s a Contract To Stop It


Netflix cheating is described as the act of watching or continuing a show ahead of your partner – doesn’t have to be a romantic partner, but possibly someone who you co-watch a show with.

Research done by Netflix indicates that 46% of streaming couples cheat on their partners (again, not actual cheating) and surprisingly, 14% of streaming couples believe that Netflix cheating is worse than having an actual affair and a good 18% of couples have actually had a verbal argument over Netflix cheating.

wt lighthouse

As per the research, shows like; Narcos, Stranger Things, Orange is the new black, House of Cards and Black Mirror are the highest temptations for cheating partners.


Now, Netflix has gone ahead and drafted a simple contract with the aim of barring streaming couples from cheating on each other. We cannot tell whether or not this contract is a joke but obviously, it cannot be used as a legal binding contract – at least on the surface.

The contract, which was posted by Netflix on Facebook has clauses that prevent a couple from sleeping while watching a show together, using their phone, requesting for a rewind for missing something while distracted, continuing watching the show in the absence of your partner, talking or sharing spoilers.

It seems the contract pretty much covers it all and going by the comments on the post, Netflix fans love it with a good number of them claiming that they will be making their partners sign the contract.

Netflix Co-watching contract

Question is, has your partner Netflix cheated on you? Or rather, have you Netflix cheated on your partner before?

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