Google Photos Will Stop Syncing Files With Google Drive

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One factor that has been a somewhat trend with operating systems like iOS and Android is the interconnection between devices and software in an effort to create the ideal ‘ecosystem’ (which Apple is a kind of the master in).

However, Google has of late been making serious strides to give their users an ease with the new system upgrades and one effort that was among the beginners’ list is the integration of services like Google Photos, Gmail and others to Google Drive which makes it easy to permanently duplicate files and store them to the cloud for future reference.

The link between Photos and Google Drive has especially made it flawless for people to import files from one service to the other without accidentally losing them. Nevertheless, the tech giant will be changing all this after a blog post went live revealing their plans to cease the integration, a move that they say is a response to the users’ feedback but is feared to actually raise even more problems.

The company went on to defend the action as one that will “simplify the experience between Drive and Photos” when it comes to accessing photos from either platform, as customer report over time has led the company to conclude that the connection between the services is somewhat confusing. As of July 10th, users will not be able to automatically back up their media files (photos and videos) to Google Drive from Photos.

This will also be executed on the case of deletion from either service which has in their defence been complained about with instances of users accidentally deleting files on Drive leading to permanent deletion even on Photos. There will, however, be an Upload from Drive option on Photos meaning that you’ll at least be able to import files manually but will still be a bummer for those who do not pay attention to such minor details.

“Since photos and videos will no longer sync across both products, items copied in Original Quality will count towards your storage quota in both Drive and Photos,” Google wrote on the blog post. This will then exclude media files of high quality that will in turn not be counted towards one’s account storage quota, as has been the case till date.

It, however, also means that if you edit a picture in Photos the changes will not be reflected on Google Drive which is bound to have some complaints despite the positives that the company insists on.

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