Samsung is Enticing Huawei Smartphone Users With Irresistible Trade-In Options

Samsung Galaxy S10
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As Huawei is struggling to deal with the ripple effects of Trump’s export ban, one competitor, Samsung, has stepped in to take advantage of the situation. Huawei smartphone prices have been falling drastically across several markets in the world, with some regions seeing prices drop as far as 90% from the original price, all due to the uncertainty that now surrounds the future of Huawei as a whole.

Samsung has now come up with a trade-in platform to entice current Huawei users to switch to Galaxy smartphones. The company’s Singapore arm is offering discounts of up to $550 on a new Galaxy S10 smartphone for customers who choose to trade-in their Huawei smartphones.

Samsung is also offering an additional $145 in trade-in value, there’s no specification of what customers will be getting that’s worth that money but it is all in an effort to entice the distressed Huawei users.

Samsung Singapore Trade-In

Samsung advertising their Trade-in program in Singapore (prices in Singapore dollars)

The trade-in is open to certain Huawei devices including the P20 Pro, Mate 20 Pro and a few Nova models. Samsung, through The Korea Times, says that the trade-in is open to Apple devices as well and not just Huawei phones. It is also reported that it is not the first time that Samsung is running such a trade-in program in Singapore but it looks like this time around, Samsung might actually get more than a few conversions.

Huawei’s reputation has really taken a hit following Trump’s executive order, even here in Kenya where we’ve witnessed a few queries or smartphone alternatives to Huawei. The company’s commercial business might not suffer that much but their consumer business, especially with phones, might take a lot more effort to fix.

Here’s a timeline of all the bad things that have happened to Huawei since Trump’s orders.

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