Huawei P30 Pro’s Latest Update Brings Further Camera Improvements

Huawei P30 Pro

It is pretty clear now that the Chinese tech giant, Huawei is taking no chances with their latest flagship gem in making it one of the most relevant and efficient smartphones of 2019.

Despite the popularity that it has been gaining since its recent launch, Huawei is already pumping in major updates to it to try and make its functionality the best for their consumers. If you just bought the device (which has actually just started selling in Kenya), you may not have received your share of the big cake yet but it is clear that the update has started rolling out in some markets and will be spreading globally as time passes.

The update is set to bring improvements to one of its major selling points; the dedicated camera’s night mode. This would be a strategy to market it even further as Huawei has seemingly been making sure that the feature is realized by everyone and it would seem reasonable that they want to make it as high-end as they possibly can.

The update will also see improvements on standard low-light photos as well as the Super Zoom feature. Now, this might be overkill as some have even been questioning the use of this unique feature with some describing it as “creepy”. Well, those that are totally sold out on this feature have even more reason to be happier.

The in-display fingerprint scanner that has been controversial in other brands’ flagships will also get better through the update by getting a couple of fixes on its speed and accuracy. It is said that it might get more sensitive as well to make it closer to what the previous generation of capacitive scanner was.

Other than that, the update will see a better audio and video synchronization when playing Instagram videos which has raised some eyebrows from those who dared to give attention to it. This will also come with a better Messaging notification. I just wish it fixes the notification cards that have proven to be a bit of mess.

Indian users were first to got the OTA update, but other countries should be expecting theirs.

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