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Twitter Verified A Fake Elon Musk Account

Fake Elon Musk

Twitter’s blue tick has been a sort after asset that sets to differentiate the quacks from legitimate people and brands. Despite its high profile status, this blue tick has more often than not get the platform in trouble after those barring the verification badge were involved in matters, usually propaganda, that did not please the masses.

The platform has really struggled to shake off the notion that a verification badge means an endorsement from Twitter but this did not seem to work and eventually, the company halted the verification process and claimed to be working on a new method to verify certain high profile individuals and brands.

While all that was happening, tech YouTuber, Arun Maini noticed that Twitter had verified a fake Elon Musk account with the handle, @EQPAyudarle. Arun notes that at the time of his realization, the account had 85 followers, a number that has since grown to 91.

The account has been active since April 2016 but only has 99 tweets, with all of them being promotions for podcasts.

We did confirm that the verification is legitimate as Twitter’s official verification account – which only follows Twitter accounts that have been verified, actually does follow this fake Elon Musk.

From the look of things, the account seems to be of Spanish origin, with the description, “The mall you always wanted and could never imagine. All episodes in @PodiumPodcast” – At least when translated from Spanish by Google Translate.

Since the discovery, this fake Elon Musk changed their user name from “Elon Musk” to “¿EnQuéPuedoAyudarle?”, which loosely translates to “What Can I help?”.

Twitter has still not yet taken away the blue badge or issued a statement regarding the matter, at this point, we can only assume that Twitter had a legitimate reason as to why this said account is verified.

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