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Tips On How To Survive #NoPhoneDay


It is officially the National day of Unplugging, which means it is time to keep our phones away for at least 24 hours between March 1 and March 2. The whole movement is actually meant to disconnect us from digital devices but let’s be honest, that’s a bit of a stretch so let’s start off with keep off our phones for a day.

Breathe in, breathe out… Relax. You shall not die. It’s just a phone, not your lifeline. The activity is quite voluntary and if you are willing to take the plunge, here are a few tips on how to survive #NoPhoneDay:

Do Outdoor Activities

The best way to actually forget about your phone is to be involved in activities that don’t require a phone. Go for hiking, a picnic, a date or something that requires your physical strength and possibly an adrenaline-filled activity. Don’t worry about capturing the moment on your phone in the form of pictures and Instagram videos, that’s what your brain is for, memories.

Watch a Movie or Series

Since we are staying away from our phones, this could be a good time to finally catch up on uninterrupted binge watching whether alone or with someone else. You know how many times you repeat a scene because you missed the details as you were checking your phone? Now imagine fully paying attention and literally just being immersed in the movie, for 24 hours straight!

Oh wait, you need to sleep, or do you?

Supplement Your Screentime With Physical Books

The most cliche activity of them all. Put down your phone and pick up a book or if you are like me and a lot of words scare you (I get the irony, I am a writer), read an article in a newspaper or something – yeah, those still exist you ignorant millennial!

If You Must Be Online, Use a Computer

Here’s an alternative to your phone, use your computer to stay connected. As much as this is practically cheating, chances are you will not be glued on the computer as much as you are on your phone. You can check your Twitter feed, read articles, catch up on your YouTube subscriptions but don’t overdo it, remember we are trying to unplug.

It’s Ok To Be Unavailable

I know the scariest part of unplugging is actually not being reachable. Some people worry that their family and friends, possibly even clients might need them and thus they feel the keep their phones on. Well, as true as this is, you could simply let everyone know that you are unavailable either by texting them beforehand or simply setting up a voicemail that alerts them you will get back to them after your 24 hours elapse.

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