3 Simple Ways to Save Power on Your Smartphone


We all hate it when we have to plug in our phones in the middle of the day due to low power. I have been asked this question over and over again, “what is the best way to save power on your phone?” and now I am sharing my tips with everyone.

Before we go into the tips, there is one thing I want all of you to remember, your phone is categorized as a smartphone for a reason. What am I saying? We have this myth that if you charge your phone a lot, you’ll end up spoiling your battery, well, here is the fact, regardless of how and for how long you charge your phone, your battery is bound to wear out after some time, but what can we do to ensure that the battery stays healthy for longer? Charge your phone as many times as you want, use it while charging if you must, the only thing this does to the battery is that it will charge much slower than it should. Don’t let your phone drain to zero, keep the charge between 80% and 20%. With that said, here are three tips to ensure that you finish your day with some juice:

Keep your brightness at auto

Having the brightness set to auto is bound to reduce the drainage of your battery. As the screen is the most power hungry part of the smartphone.

Switch off unnecessary functionalities

Having mobile data on all through the day will not help save your battery, it is actually more preferable to have wifi on all through than having mobile data on. If you’re not using your mobile data, wifi and Bluetooth, switch them off. Some people have them on and they really do not need to be on all through, especially in areas there is no network, put the phone on flight mode to save even more battery.

Avoid “battery saving” apps

I have never come across a good battery saving app that does its job as it is supposed to do. Most of the apps available, claim to save battery by closing running apps and clearing cache. They might be doing this well, but this does not save your battery, they actually drain it even more. These so-called apps have to use your battery in order to save your battery, does that make sense? I didn’t think so too. My advice is to stay clear of them and use the inbuilt power saving features on the phone if necessary.

There are many ways to ensure you end the day with at least two digits on your battery percentage, I have just covered what I think are the most important ones, if you have any suggestions, leave a comment below.

This article first appeared on TechArena Kenya

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