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Two years ago, Twitter introduced a way for users on the platform to view what algorithms thought were the best tweets first instead of tweets flowing in chronological order. At first, this was an opt-in feature but Twitter thought it was a smart move to force everyone to use it as the platform got rid of the chronological order completely and completely relied on curating users’ timelines on what the platform thought were the tweets they wanted to see.

Regardless of the numerous complains against the move, Twitter stood its ground which led to a number of people trying to find workarounds to restore their chronological timelines, the latest being in August of 2018, where developer, Andy Baio used Twitter’s search function to develop a filter that displayed users’ timelines in uncurated, chronological order which led to the development of a “new” website,

wt lighthouse

Shortly after this, Twitter announced that they would be bringing back the chronological timelines. On September 18, 2018, in a series of tweets, the company said that it was giving users more control over what they see on their timelines by providing an easily accessible way to switch between curated and chronological timelines.

This new feature was first availed to iOS users but has now made its way to Android users. A new update on the app adds a “Sparkle Button” that users can tap on to quickly switch between the kind of timeline they prefer.

I am yet to receive the update, but a number of people have reported having the sparkle button, including Dickson Otieno of Tech-ish, who went ahead and shared screenshots of what to expect.


Courtesy Tech-ish

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