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Best Crypto Exchanges Without KYC Verification


Cryptocurrencies have changed basic banking and trading operations all around the globe. People who used to invest traditionally have switched their investing channel from physical means to digital means of investment. There are many people associated with the digital world who are regular visitors of the platform, and as a result, more people get added regularly daily. All the crowd that gets added is not legit, including those who are scammers and fraudsters.

As a result, there should be some channels and regulations whereby the crowd associated should be regulated and channelized properly. One of the methods is KYC which is knowing your customer regulations. Here in this article, we are going to discuss those crypto exchanges which do not require KYC for the verification of the customers or the investors. will help you get started with bitcoin trading.


KYC refers to Knowing your customer. In this process, the identity of people who are core digital currency investors is kept in records for regulatory or security purposes. Many crypto exchanges have a pre-set limit of currency below which you can trade independently and above which one needs to upload some identity proof to comply with the terms of KYC. Then only one can complete the transaction. KYC supports verification and is the backbone of a secure network.


Crypto exchanges without KYC verification

You are wrong if you think there are no options left to trade without sharing the KYC details! Don’t worry, some exchanges comply with complete exchange solutions for an investor, and that too without sharing any identity details. The exchanges are popular with those exchanges which are using the details of a customer. Some exchanges are summarized as under



One of the most popular crypto exchanges can become more popular if more features are adopted. It came into existence in 2018 and is an exchange based in Singapore. If a trader is interested in marginal trading, this exchange is referred to as best for the purpose.


Another crypto exchange that does not use the KYC of a customer is the popular name Binance. It has wide support for all cryptocurrencies and other Altcoins. It has the feature of using the platform that too anonymously. The whole procedure of trading, investment, and withdrawal are possible with the platform of Binance.


The most important feature of this platform is that it is centralized. It also does not require the customers to complete KYC for the process needed for trading. It came into existence in 2013 and, shortly after that, managed to become one of the most popular platforms for crypto exchanges. Also, one can use this service as a VPN.


Based on the iOS platform was launched in the year of 2014. It also has the feature of using different portfolios and offers various interesting features in addition to it. Five verification tiers are one of the important features of the platform.


It has another popular name BitSquare. It is an exchange working on P2P and is considered a fully decentralized crypto exchange around the whole globe. This exchange’s features are quite advanced compared to other exchanges, which is the main reason it is mostly famous among the pros.


Another crypto exchange with no need for KYC. It mostly deals in bitcoin, but the options of other Altcoins are also there. The interface is very user-friendly, which is the main reason people use this platform for their daily trading, too, without sharing any KYC details.

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DISCLAIMER: This article is sponsored and does not substitute for professional advice or help. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility.

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  1. After Binance was hacked, I absolutely do not want to have anything to do with it. Of course, you want the highest degree of protection. In my top No KYC exchangers, the exchanger from the guys Utopia P2P I have never seen a lower commission 🙂

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