4 Tech Habits To Minimze Your Digital Carbon Footprint

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Let’s be honest, we have become totally dependent on tech, heck, we are addicted to tech. Most of us own at least a smartphone where we spend numerous hours on the internet be it streaming a movie, scrolling on TikTok or catching up on opinions by the KOT. Also with the release of numerous smartphones – hello smartphone season, we’re constantly on the hunt for the next upgrade. All this tech is having a great impact on our digital carbon footprint.

Here are tech habits to minimize your digital carbon footprint.

Organize Your Emails

Every piece of tech, whether hardware or software draws electricity. This is inclusive of sending and storing emails. Take some time and clear out your folders by deleting unnecessary emails. By deleting the unnecessary emails that are being stored, you are reducing the energy being used. Even though this makes a very small impact on the environment, it is worth it. It could even save you time as well if you receive and send fewer emails.

Unplug Your Charger

Keeping your tech plugged in when already charged will not only have an impact on the battery life of your gadget but also wastes electricity. Immediately your gadget os fully charged, unplug your charger.

Another habit to get on top of is powering down your PCs when you aren’t using them and or setting up sleep mode to conserve your battery life.

Buy Used/Repair Your Phone

Smartphones are great, but do you really need to buy the latest phone when it’s released? No you don’t. Before getting another phone, consider repairing your phone. However, if it can’t be repaired no matter what, get your hands on a second hand / refurbished phone. It is better than buying new in terms of saving you a whole lot of money and the environment in manufacturing them.

Manage Your Time And Devices Online

Minimize on your digital carbon footprint and move towards an eco-friendly lifestyle by reducing the amount of time on your devices. By setting up a schedule, you get to reduce the electricity used. This can also help you in breaking your dependence on technology over time with can help your devices last longer.

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