This App Claims To Show You If The Parts On Your Phone are Original or Fake

Phone Original Parts

We use our phones pretty much more than anything else. To call, to text, to research for information on the internet and to save our most intimate of pictures, videos and documents. So when something goes wrong it can really wreck your entire life. Before you have to go to the repair shop and have them overcharge you for fixing something, why don’t you get this app that could potentially tell you what’s wrong with your phone and if your parts are original.

Are The Parts On Your Phone Original?

Without opening up the phone, it’s pretty hard to find out what is wrong with your phone. So this app does that for you. It’s called the Phone Doctor Plus. It has a few perks that you might want to check out.

  • It tests more than 30 kinds of hardware. It checks whether the camera is working, the flashlight, the microphone and even tests the speakers.
  • It also helps in conducting system monitoring and optimization settings. Essentially it monitors the hardware, battery, memory and storage to help you optimize your device.
  • Monitoring of mobile data status and usage: Analyze network issues to show the mobile data usage and prevent the overuse of mobile data quota.

It’s also important to note that this is not just for those that have phone issues. It’s also for those who are buying smartphones. If you are buying a new phone, you can download the app at the store and instantly inspect it. This will help you avoid defective new phones.

If you are buying a used smartphone, you can filter out problematic phones to find selected phones that offer good value for money. Most phones already have this software but if you don’t it would not hurt to check.

The first time might be hard to check because of the fast nature of the checks like turning on and off your Wi-Fi or charging the phone but the second time you run it, it will be smooth.

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