Here Is Why Your Phone is Overheating and How To Fix It


You might have been in those situations where your palm starts feeling funny heat from your phone while holding it. Is it normal for a phone to get hot? The running joke is that low-budget smartphones are the ones with the overheating problem. However, it is fine and expected for any smartphone to increase its temperature during use.

So, here is why your phone keeps getting hot and how you can fix that.

Reasons Your Phone Is Overheating and How To Fix

Intense Gaming and Streaming

High-intensity games can not only rinse your battery quickly but will also push the processor extensively and warm up your phone. Some of these high intense games are like the popular Asphalt series that comes with HDR graphics and 60 fps.

Streaming content from online TV or other services is a power-hungry activity that will surely fire up the temperature. These need not only to have the screen awake but also consistently load video data.
Therefore, moderate gaming and the constant uptime that comes with continuous streaming. You could find a different device like a laptop or a TV that can perform some, or all of those activities instead.

Outdated Software and Apps

Malware and other bugs in older versions of your apps or Operating System could be overusing the phone’s processor.
Delete any unnecessary apps and make sure to check for regular updates of the rest for optimal security and performance. Consider using an antivirus to check for and remove mobile malware if the problem persists.

Defective Accessories

A defective battery might overwork itself and be the cause of your phone overheating problem. In case that happens while charging, the charging port or the cable could be faulty.
Get a reliable charging cable, and if it does not fix the issue, get a technician to have a look at the port and the battery.


Animated wallpapers and widgets sure do look lovely on a phone. However, these can be quite intensive on the CPU. Other settings like Bluetooth, WIFI, and high levels of brightness also work up the temperature of your phone.
Try using a static background for the wallpaper and have automatic brightness adjustment settings as the default. Other functions like Bluetooth should only be on when in active use.

Environmental Conditions

Exposing your phone to direct sunlight, leaving it in a hot car, or even in excessive cold is not healthy. The battery drains faster, and the heat exposure could damage the touchscreen.
Ensure you are mindful enough not to expose your phone to such conditions.

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