Some of the Best M1 Max MacBook Pro Reviews To Watch


The new generation of the MacBook Pro seems to have finally reached the hands of reviewers and YouTubers in international markets. And as you can expect, the main buzz around the new laptops from Apple is the new display look. This is despite the fact that we have gotten used to the notch on our smartphones for years now.

However, it is quite clear that Apple chose to finally make the MacBook Pro “professional” again and the design alone screams that. This is even before you get to the new M1 Max and M1 Pro chips that promise even much better performance than the critically acclaimed M1 processor. So, what do these new computers offer and who exactly are they for? Well, we recommend these videos that might just help you figure that out.

First Look & In-depth Review

When it comes to brief first look videos and new products as well as, Dave 2D tends to be my go-to. This is from the brief design impressions to the benchmark scores and an explainer of the MacBook’s performance under heavy work. The other video that I saw had a similar thing was Matthew Moniz who goes deeper into the level of performance the M1 Pro offers.

The new video by¬†The Verge‘s Nilay Patel gives a deep dive into what the first experience one would have if they were to go for the new MacBook Pros.

To The Test

There’s no doubt that the new Apple chipsets are a dream for creators and developers who require laptops that can handle heavy loads of work. So, why not place them to the test to see how long they would take to export high-definition videos. That’s exactly what Peter McKinnon does in his new video while also performing other tasks to see how loud or hot it would be. No spoilers!

There are definitely many other videos that have been uploaded with quality reviews on the new MacBooks. So, you might want to check many more if you’re that much of a nerd that’s fascinated about how Apple managed to make laptops that offer so much.

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