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Twitter To Readjust Changes After Complaints of Headaches and Eye Strain


Twitter is looking to revert some of its latest design changes after they were met with complaints from users last week. Many people have reported eye strain, headaches and migraines as a result of the higher visual contrast in the colours of buttons and links. Let’s not forget the new Chirp font that hasn’t seemed to impress anyone for the last few days.

As it stands, the “Following” button on a profile user is blacked out similar to what the “Follow” button used to be before tapping it. According to some users, this has caused a lot of confusion to the point of “accidentally unfollowing multiple friends” due to that.

Alongside a rise of confusion has been the sight issues and the reported headaches. So it is pretty clear that what was intended to ease accessibility has in fact been pretty inaccessible to many. Now, one might just assume that users will likely get used to the design change over time. But this looks like a very different situation if the change is causing physical discomfort.

High contrast is usually used to be helpful for people who have low vision or are colourblind. However, it can be painful for those who are sensitive to bright colours or light.

Instead of reverting back to the previous design, the best solution for Twitter would be to include these changes as an option for users to choose from. Currently, Twitter only offers a menu for settings like increased colour contrast and reduced motion. This is alongside the like and dark theme options and text sizes.

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