An Intact Copy of 1985 Super Mario Bros. Sells For KES 200 Mn

super mario bros. 1985
Image courtesy Heritage Auctions

Collectables have proven over the years to be more valuable than ever with the age and condition dictating how much they sell for. Well, this was made clear over the past weekend when an anonymous buyer paid $ 2 million (about KES 218 million) for a never-opened 1985 copy of Super Mario Bros.

As reported by the New York Times, this 1985 game’s initial price sold at a record-breaking price following a sealed copy of Super Mario 64 that sold for $1.56 million at an auction.

As it stands, this particular copy is the most expensive video game ever sold. This comes at a time when childhood collectables have been growing in popularity. This goes from action figures to vintage comic books and video game copies. The past year has seen Super Mario Bros. among other video game copies sell for insanely huge prices.

2020 particularly saw a rise in demand with other copies for millions. This would almost relate to the rising popularity of NFTs that started blowing up around the same time. This was highlighted by American VFX artist Beeple who raised billions of shillings from digital images.

According to collectables site Rally, the Super Marios Bros. copy was initially acquired for only $140,000 last April before the purchase by the anonymous collector. This might definitely be a good time for nerds to earn money by just putting up their vintage stuff for sale. This is not to say that everything will sell at insane price tags as there are many factors that determine value.

So, do you have an intact collectable ready to sell?

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