Netflix is Now Offering KES 300 Mobile-Only Plan in Kenya

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American content streaming platform Netflix has been operating in Kenya for a number of years now. But what has always seemed to drag its growth in the country is the subscription plans that are deemed as expensive by some. Well, the company is certainly looking to change that as it unveiled a new KES 300 mobile-only plan late last week in a bid to attract as many other new subscribers as possible.

The streaming giant will now offer this package alongside its three other plans; basic, standard and premium. The plan is definitely attractive as it will still offer the same kind of movies that other plans give. The main difference is the number of devices one can access the app with simultaneously and the resolution. Unlike the premium and standard plans, this mobile plan will offer viewers content at 480p.

Netflix plans

This can be seen as a move by Netflix to step up its game and continue competing with rivals in the Kenyan market like Showmax. The model is one that is set to bring in viewers who do not have to pay KES 700, KES 1,100 or KES 1,450 that the other plans charge monthly. According to the firm, different people tend to have different needs. And in the Sub-Saharan region, many people would go for affordability rather than picture quality.

Other countries that have had their prices reduced on the lower tier of the Netflix plan include Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa. This comes at a time when Netflix has almost become a household name in these various regions across the continent as people were forced to stay at home.

So, would you pay for the KES 300 mobile-only plan?

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