Vifaa Tech Festival Consumer Tech Awards Voting Comes To A Close


Days may have been flying but they certainly have been long for us as we eagerly await the highly-anticipated Vifaa Tech Festival. But one of the event’s cameos that we are excited about is the Consumer Tech Awards that will be part and parcel of the two-day festival.

The Kenyan market has certainly seen huge growth when it comes to home electronics and personal gadgets. If you doubt that the number of international companies that have launched themselves into the market will convince you enough. And we as Gadgets Africa could certainly be referred to as one of if not the biggest fans of the space that keeps rising year on year.

As tech enthusiasts and reviewers, what better way would there be to show appreciation to the various brands other than through awards. So, we launched the awards off so the millions of consumers can get to vote for the various brands and gadgets that they get to use every day. Finally, we are proud to announce that the voting window comes to a close on Wednesday 9th June at 10pm EAT as we now prepare to announce the proud winners on June 11th and 12th.

There is no doubt that the award categories have seen stiff competition among the various brands and deservedly so. We have had the pleasure to test out the various products and we know how competitive the manufacturers are when it comes to creating gadgets with peak performance.

Of course, we are expecting the same when it comes to software-based products which consist of some of the most highly used mobile apps in the country.

So, who gets to win what? Well, all you’ll have to do is wait come Friday for the Vifaa Tech Festival Awards. All we can say for now is congratulations in advance to all the winners!

NOTE: You can still get to register for the event by simply clicking this link.

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