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Instagram Will Soon Let You Add Pronouns To Your Profile

Instagram Pronouns

In a rather unexpected announcement on Twitter, Instagram made it known that they will be giving you the ability to add pronouns to your bios and profiles. This comes as no surprise since the whole pronoun topic is quite trendy in the United States. So let’s understand what it means and why they are adding this.

Instagram Pronouns: Why and What They Mean

More often than not, we are seeing a lot of people being more specific with their genders. Most of them are even proclaiming them on social media. So much so that the app now has a dedicated location where users can put pronouns without taking up that valuable profile space.

The company announced the new feature saying that it is only available in a few countries just now, but will be arriving in more soon. To set your pronoun,

  1. go to your profile page
  2. hit “Edit Profile,”
  3. then look in the list of items for an empty Pronouns field. This is different from the one deeper in “personal information settings.
  4. Tap that and you can pick what you prefer to be called by. This up to four items.

Whatever you choose will appear next to your name a slightly darker type. For those who do not want to share their gender publicly, there’s also the option to show this only to followers.

Is this something you see yourself using?

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