WhatsApp Threatens Disabling Features For Users Who Don’t Accept New Policy

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WhatsApp recently introduced new privacy policies for its users, which includes new terms ensuring that the app will share data with Facebook as a condition of use. Despite postponing the move at first, the app is now set to start disabling some app features until users accept the new privacy terms.

This does come as a surprise since WhatsApp had stated that it would not delete or deactivate the account of those who do not accept the new terms. Even though it’s not exactly the same action, this still feels like a way to force users in accepting the new privacy policy that has been controversial for months now.

The company this week updated a support article on its website with more details about the upcoming privacy rule changes. In the post, the Facebook-owned platform states that users will eventually lose access to some features until they accept the new terms, starting May 15th.

For instance, users will first lose the ability to access the chat list. Then, audio and video calls will stop working and the users will no longer receive notifications of any new messages on WhatsApp.

This move from WhatsApp might end up with users adhering to the new rules or just choosing to leave the app altogether. We did see an outburst of the latter scenario earlier this year when the new policy was announced with millions across the world looking for alternative messaging apps. Signal and Telegram happened to be the main beneficiaries as they are known to offer end-to-end encryption. This means they do not share your data or chat history with any company.

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