Students and Creators: Here’s Why You Should Start Thinking of Investing In An M1 MacBook


Let me just set this straight before we go ahead. Apple products have and will always be ‘way too expensive.’ However, that’s never stopped them from being one of the top-selling brands in their specific fields. According to them, you have to pay for quality. However, when they released the M1 chip-enabled MacBook it became a game changer and I’m here to tell you why you as a student or creator should start investing in one.

MI Macbook 2020: It’s A Spec-tacular Sight

For your consideration, let’s focus on these three aspects:

  • Portability
  • Power & Great battery life
  • Creators Haven
Go Anywhere With It

In case you didn’t get it, the pun above suggests that this beast of a machine both has great specs and looks really good. In my opinion, Apple makes some of the best looking laptops out there.

The sleek design makes them portable and eye-catching. The entirety of the Macbook presents such a compact package that you can pack it up and go with it anywhere. Not to mention the metal chassis that makes it slightly more durable and the smaller size chargers that come with it.


The design itself should be considered enough to buy one. However, at a staggering KES 180,000, you need a little bit more. Well, let’s look at the specs.

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All the Power In Your Hands

macbook air

I mean these are not the best nor top tier specs but they do justice to everything you could possibly need from a laptop. Not to mention how thin it is to accommodate all this power. Most laptops that are so powerful are mostly super heavy and quite the hustle to travel with… unless you consider the ZenBook 14 which is just around the same price point.

Imagine having up to 18hrs of portable battery life the size of an A4 notebook. It’s insane the amount of power the MacBook promises. Also, it’s apparently very quiet thanks to the M1 chip and power optimization.

The devices also promise 5x faster graphics and 3.5x faster CPU. As a video and photo editor, this unquestionably piques my interest. If that’s not enough for you, now let’s talk about the oh so powerful M1 chipset.

MacBook M1 Revolution

The M1 chip marks Apple’s transition away from the Intel chips that the Cupertino company has been using in Macs since 2006. The M1 integrates several different components, including the CPU, GPU, unified memory architecture (RAM), Neural Engine, Secure Enclave, SSD controller, image signal processor, encode/decode engines, Thunderbolt controller with USB 4 support, and more, all of which power the different features in the Mac.

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Simply put, because of the memory architecture, the CPU, GPU, and other processor components don’t need to copy data between one another. Thus they are able to access the same data pool. This brings notable speed and efficiency improvements to the M1 speeds and battery life.

A Creators Dream

The final piece of the puzzle is the integration of Adobe Apps into the MacBook. Apple initially noted that this would happen soon and this week they announced Adobe Photoshop as a widely available app to all M1 users.

Claiming that it works 50% faster than previous versions, this opens up so many doors for editors and creators to accomplish their tasks faster and more effectively

So to recap, this laptop gives you the ability to work anywhere, work on anything and work for longer than most. Thus, you should probably start thinking about investing in a MacBook. Tell us what you think.

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