Microsoft Launches Platform That Allows People To Attend Meetings As Holograms


With the world having come to a standstill in 2020, most of us thought it as the end. However, since then, mankind has been able to evolve more than we thought and are now using technology to overcome major issues. One such issue is being together in one place. Well, Microsoft has been working on a new project, Microsoft Mesh, that introduces holograms to virtual meetings.

Microsoft Mesh: Holograms and 3D Avatars

The new platform is the result of years of Microsoft research and development in areas ranging from hand and eye tracking and HoloLens development to creating persistent holograms and artificial intelligence models that can create expressive avatars.

Other Applications of Microsoft Mesh

Architects and engineers could physically walk through a holographic model of a factory floor under construction. Letting them see how all the pieces of equipment fit together in three dimensions. This could potentially help in avoiding costly mistakes.

Microsoft hologram

Engineering or medical students learning about electric car engines or human anatomy could also benefit. They may soon be able to gather as avatars around a holographic model.

Then the engineers could remove parts of the engine or doctors could peel back muscles to see what’s underneath.

In the workplace, colleagues could simply get together and chat in a shared virtual space. Moreover, companies could use Microsoft Mesh apps to offer virtual all-hands meetings or trainings to employees around the world.

With Microsoft Mesh-enabled applications, designers or engineers who work with 3D physical models. This is anything from bicycles to high-end furniture to jet engines to new sports stadiums.

They could appear as themselves in a shared virtual space to collaborate and iterate on holographic models, regardless of their physical location.

Read more on the new Microsoft Mesh feature here.

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