Things We All Want TikTok To Add In Their Next Update!


Hi, My Name is Anfernee and I am a Proud TikTok addict. Now if you’re like me, you have to watch TikTok every day so as to update and fulfil your daily purpose in life. This could go one of two ways for you. One, you spend a whole day and night swiping through content wasting all your time or two, scheduling time to watch and search for meaningful TikToks to better your life.

I almost always take the second route. Sifting through content that I can use to build my character, gain more skills and learn something new every day. On TikTok, I get a certain unquenchable thirst for knowledge in all the things I do that makes me yearn for it day in, day out.

Here I have learned important tech tips and hacks, cooking recipes, basics on stocks and investing and even image building and branding. All in mostly less than 1-minute videos. Now, it’s time to give back to TikTok and it’s creators. If anyone from TikTok is reading this, thank you for your service. But now take a break and let me give you a few pointers on what to update next

Features TikTok Should Add in their Next Update


This is probably one of the most requested features on TikTok. The ability to toggle a button or switch that auto scrolls videos for you. {It’s unsanitary how many times I have to break from eating my food to scroll to the next video.}

It’s also pretty crazy how many times I have let a video play just because I cannot scroll away from it. All we ask for is an auto-scroll button that we can toggle on and off whenever we need to. It would be much easier to scroll back to a video than having to scroll away every time.

See Stitches and Duets

What’s a video that lives in your head rent-free… What’s some information that you know that feels illegal to know… Duet this and sing it with me. See where I’m going here? All these have been living on my For You page and mind rent-free for about a year now and I cannot get enough of it.

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to see the stitches and duets under these videos. So I know there’s more of these and there’s nothing I can do to find them!

If you could be so kind, find a way to make it so that I can see these videos under one roof. Essentially build it around the same way I can see sounds or hashtags. If someone says; duet this’ I would like to see the duets too.


My For you page: Awesome video but only part one

Me: Goes into creators page looking for part two

Part Two: Sitting very silently under 300 other videos

This is probably a plus for most creators but as a consumer, it really grinds my gears. Having to sift through tens of videos just to find a part two or three can be really tiresome. Especially since most of them are never as catchy as the original.

Kindy add a way for creators to add videos to playlists so that it’s easier for all of us to enjoy the content.

Slider for videos or playbacks

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The fact that videos on TikTok used to be mostly 30 seconds or less made this much less of a problem. However, now there are tutorials and tips and hacks and stories that take up to 3 minutes and I have to watch it 15 times to fully understand everything. Too much time overused.

We suggest sliders as the next TikTok Update. Whereby, I can slide back to a point I want in the video or playbacks that allow me to go up to 5 or ten seconds back in a video like Youtube, does it.

Closed Captions (Cc) and AutoCorrect

This is solely for creators and the hearing impaired. I used to think closed captions was an option until I made my video. It’s hard enough that I have to make the video, now I have to spend 30 minutes captioning it. And to add salt to injury, there’s no autocorrect. It’s quite painful. So kindly take this into consideration.

For anyone else who is not a TikTok representative, use the comment section below to suggest other updates that you would like to see them make.

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