Mercedes-Benz Reveals New 56-inch Display To Replace The Dashboard

Image courtesy Mercedes-Benz

Any automotive fanatic must have noticed by now the trend among manufacturers to have the most impressive display on their upcoming cars. Well, nothing shouts “spectacular” than having an infotainment screen bigger than the TV you have at home.

Well, Mercedes-Benz seems to want that for its upcoming cars as the company unveiled a concept for a new 56-inch display that will pretty much replace the dashboard. Unlike what we have seen in cars like Tesla or even the S-Class, the screen stretches across the whole dashboard rather than along it.

Dubbed the MBUX Hyperscreen, the display offers three sections. One is for the driver showcasing the digital speedometer dials, the other for the passenger to play with and the central part that shows up to 377 square inches of real estate. technically, it is three screens but who’s counting?

The shape of the hyperscreen makes it look quite futuristic, a feature that clearly many drivers want to have in the cars as we move further into the 21 st century. Bearing in mind that the screen stretches all through, the air vents are also part of it but are also designed to give the cockpit that classy touch.


The screen is expected to feature for the first time in the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQS all-electric sedan that’s slated to go on sale later this year. This would be such a nice touch to a car that’s meant to push forward the sci-fi designs of automobiles. That is not to say that we won’t see it adapted to the rest of Mercedes’ lineups.

The screen is set to output content at a high resolution powered an 8-core CPU alongside an impressive 24 gigabytes of RAM. The user interface will also be an upgrade from what the current MBUX system runs.

Mercedes-EQ. MBUX Hyperscreen

Mercedes-EQ. MBUX Hyperscreen

It wouldn’t;t be a surprise if we saw similar aspects adopted by other companies that are also looking to be a little ambitious like the German automotive giant.

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