Nairobi Metropolitan Services Turns To Technology To Tame Matatu Madness


Commuters in Nairobi will soon start using an app and a new digital termini called the Green Park Terminus to help them use and commute with matatus. It will be introduced by the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) outside the central business district (CBD). In theory, the mobile app lets customers

  1. See which vehicle is available from wherever you are
  2. Select your preferred seat and book according to the time you wish to travel.

New App for Matatus from NMS

The company has 170 buses and 46,000 commuters daily. It plans to induct them into the new system which has been operational since August.

“This system keeps you informed and, when you have information, you make correct decisions. Especially at what time you are planning to do your business, what time to leave your office, when you go home and so on. That is what we want to integrate.” says Mr Ochieng’.

“With this system, we are able to get real-time data of the number of buses at the stage and those on the road. Passengers can see from the app those available for booking,” he explains.

“They will know it from an app on their phone…that from their route, only five or six vehicles (for example) should come into town. So it will be regulated,” NMS Director of Transport, Engineer Michael Ochieng explained.

The new development is part of the ongoing plans to relocate public service vehicles (PSVs) from the CBD. Mr Ochieng’ says that the bus rapid transport (BRT) vehicles will be available for passengers who will prefer not to walk from the termini to the city centre and vice-versa.

The Green Park terminus, which is the drop-off and pick-up point for matatus plying Ngong Road and Lang’ata Road routes, will be ready for use in two weeks’ time.

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