Truecaller Will Now Let You Know Why Someone is Calling You

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Truecaller has a new update that will now bring in a feature that lets you know why someone is calling you. This comes as part of the app’s improvement to its ID functionality, which has been its core since its debut back in July 2009.

As the name suggests, the new feature allows users to set a reason for their call. This will enable the recipient to check whether the incoming call is personal, business or something really urgent.

The feature appears to be very similar to Google’s Verified Calls Feature, which the search giant plans to include in the default call app that Google is currently testing.

However, this could be a challenge on Truecaller’s end since it requires the call recipient to be a user in order to see the reason. Google, on the other hand, will just bring the feature to the default Phone app.

This feature comes alongside an upgraded messaging experience with the addition of Schedule SMS and SMS translate features. Truecaller also hopes that the Call Reason feature would benefit businesses as they will be able to set a customised text before every call. This would help increase engagement with their customers, the company believes.

Alongside giving the way to schedule the next SMS message, Truecaller has added the SMS Translate feature using Google’s machine learning-focused ML Kit to translate foreign language messages. The company claims that the translation process takes place locally on the phone. Also, the feature supports 59 languages, including eight Indian languages.

The Call Reason feature on Truecaller will be initially rolling out to all Android users starting today, though it will also debut on iOS early next year.

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