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Oxford Cambridge Announces Free for Download For All Books

Oxford Books

It looks like Oxford Cambridge is looking out for the educational future of the students at home. The renowned ‘library’ is offering their books for free download until the 30th of September for all those affected by the pandemic.

Oxford Free Books For Download

According to Oxford, the offer includes books for

  1. International Primary Programme
  2. Oxford International Primary Computing
  3. Lower Secondary Programme
  4. IB programme
  5. Cambridge Assessment international
  6. AQA.

On its website, Oxford University Press says that this is in order to support teaching and learning at home. They are providing free access to more than 200 digital versions of its Student Books.

The offer is meant to support students and schools that are affected by the pandemic. You can download the books on this website:

The official word from Oxford;

“To support teaching and learning at home, we are providing free access to 200+ digital versions of our Student Books. This is for you to access whilst schools are affected by the coronavirus.

Please note, the temporary free access to these resources will be ending on 30 September 2020. Please do continue to make use of them until then.”

If you are a teacher, this link can be shared with students and parents within your organisation. However, please do not share the link more widely.

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