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MKBHD Reacts After Learning That Hotpoint Has Been Using His Logo

Hotpoint MKBHD

Yes, you are not mistaken and no this is not clickbait. It looks like Hotpoint Appliances (@HotpointinKenya) has been using the Youtube stars logo as their own. When Marquess Brownlee, (MKBHD) found out that Hotpoint was using his logo, he did not hide his misunderstanding to this situation.

Hotpoint Take on MKBHD Signature Logo

Twitter users, Enchenze with AI and EGMinor were the first to note this peculiar feat. The two show a string of emails from the company using the YouTube Stars Logo.

MKBHD was not too happy about this and took to Twitter to call out Hotpoint.

After reacting to this, many other Kenyans were quick to give out more information on what is happening. One said that they have been using the logo for almost a month now.

Others say that Hotpoint may have just Googled and used the Logo without really knowing to whom it belonged.

Whatever the case, someone at Hotpoint is to blame for this ‘ignorance’. So far, Hotpoint have not replied to either of the Twitter users nor said their peace. We will add more information once any of the parties respond.

After opening one of the largest appliance stores in East Africa yesterday, this could be a major setback for the company. Nevertheless, the funnies continue;

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