Kenyan Churches Turn To Technology For Booking of Sunday Service Attendees

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COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the country. And yes, things will probably remain bizarre for a while. Kenya continues to register a spike in the number of coronavirus cases through all 47 counties.

However, the government has subtly been trying to lay down the axe. County-to county travel restrictions were cancelled. Restaurants can now offer their eatery services but at certain conditions. This and many more restrictions are getting called off in a bid to get operations to some sort of normality.

But one thing that has been brought back has certainly been received with a lot of debate; Sunday services. Churches around the country can get back to hosting congregants for services. But this was brought back under a lot of conditions that have proven to be tough. Too tough, in fact, that most have found it needless to reopen.

We did have the aspect of online churches take over as all denominations adopted it over the last few months. But as some churches try to reopen tech still seems impossible to avoid.

A few churches are introducing online portals that Kenyans can use to book seats during Sunday services. This is meant to be in line with the rules that limit the attendance to only 100 people for every service. Additionally, you would see this as an effort to help the congregants avoid having to get to the church only to find the service already full.

Upper Hill’s Don Bosco Shrine, for example, has such a site that its congregants can log onto and book a seat for every Sunday service. Of course, the site is not that complicated as all that’s required is to make a booking.

So, what you have is a calendar where you can choose the date you wish to attend the upcoming mass. Once you click, you are taken to the next screen where you have to fill your personal info like name, age and so on. After that, you have to confirm the booking. Now we assume that the site helps the staff in listing the congregants that have logged in and booked.

All in all, this is quite impressive and could open a gateway to a whole new way of holding services in various churches. It would just be a matter of time before others get in on similar actions.

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