Instagram is Working On a Way To Show Posts From Latest To Old, Once Again

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About three years ago Instagram changed the way its users consume content on the platform by killing chronological order which showed posts from latest to old and switching it up to an algorithm curated timeline.

This stirred up a lot of uproar but the image-sharing platform did not reverse its decision. However, things seem to have changed as a well-known app developer has spotted Instagram testing out a way to show posts in chronological order.

Before you get too excited, the new chronological order will not work in the way it did before. Your Instagram timeline will still be a mess of posts from two days ago mixed up with posts from 2 minutes ago and so on. However, IG is introducing a pop-up that will prompt users to see posts that they may have missed.

Unlike Twitter’s implementation that allows users to switch between a curated timeline and a chronological one, these posts will be viewed in a separate section away from your timeline. This means that after you’re done with this section, you’ll be back to your messy timeline once again.

Gadgets Africa Take

We wish Instagram would it easier to see a complete timeline of posts in chronological order just like Twitter does with their “Home and Latest Tweets” button switcher but we guess that might be too much to ask, for now, so we take what we get.

Have you spotted this new feature? What do you think about it? Is it enough to make IG a bit easier to use?

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