Nigerian Esports Team Looking To Recruit Gamers For Call of Duty Mobile

LXG Nigeria- Call Of Duty Mobile

It seems like we were right all along that it would only be a matter of time before Call of Duty Mobile became a global Esports phenomenon. This impression started early just a few weeks after the mobile battle royale game launched. The millions of players that stormed into the game on a daily basis then and even now have proven the game to be worth its time and hype.

But now it seems the numbers have been growing enough in Africa as well. It’s so much so that an African Esports team, LXG (League of Extraordinary Gamers) is looking for pro-gamers to hire for the game. The Nigerian esports organisation is one that comprises of mobile game teams. This is from PUBG, League Of Legends and Brawlstars just to mention a few.

Through Twitter, LXG announced that it is going through a recruitment process for Call Of Duty Mobile. The goal of this is to give players with no clans or teams an opportunity to be part of the team and represent LXG in future tourneys. The players are expected to be as strong-willed as possible especially in this competitive world of e-sports.

No much is known about how to apply although I would assume it all takes just visiting their official sites for more information. This is just icing on the cake for the game that is set to be a wild ride for gamers across the world. No competitions have been announced yet but with such occurrences, we can almost smell it.

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