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Did You Know: The Firefox Logo Is Not Actually A Fox!


Have you heard about Firefox? Well if you have, you might be thinking that their logo is a fox. I mean, it’s in the name, right? Wrong. What you see in the logo is nothing close to a fox.

So What’s In The Logo?


What you see above isn’t a fox. It may look like one, but it isn’t. As a matter of fact, it has nothing to do with a red fox or a brown fox. You would have been closer to the truth had you said it was a racoon or a colourful tiny panda. The English word for the red panda is, yes you guessed it, ‘Firefox. This is where the browser gets its name from. This means that the Logo is actually a red panda, not a fox.

According to NeoSmart Technologies, It looks like a raccoon, eats like a panda, it’s related to neither, and is a dark shade of reddish-brown. The Americans call it ‘Red Panda,’ the Germans ‘Katzenbär,’ and the Chinese ‘hǔo hú (火狐),’ which translates directly to ‘Fire Fox.’


Image Courtesy Fastest Viral

This is the creature depicted in the logo. When it came along (bare months after the name change from Firebird to Firefox), they had a new logo. Jon Hicks is the renowned author of the Firefox logo today, and his logo was designed to look like the literal name of the software (a fox on fire), yet not deviate too much from the original Red Panda namesake.

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What Is Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox, Firefox Browser, or simply Firefox, is a free and open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, Mozilla Corporation. Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine to render web pages, which implements current and anticipated web standards.

So for final clarification, in reality, the creature on the globe is a depiction of a reddish-coloured, long-bodied, tail-endowed, species; and just like the browser, it’s on fire.


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  1. Okay, you are just plain wrong.

    First of all, the word in English for red panda is RED PANDA. It isn’t Firefox. Red Panda is a species of its own, and its name is respected across America.

    Second of all, the creator of Firefox named the browser that for a reason. Because its a fire FOX.

    Alright? So please delete this article to prevent the spread of false information.

  2. This article is stupid and doesn’t make sense. “The Americans call it ‘Red Panda,’ the Germans ‘Katzenbär,’ and the Chinese ‘hǔo hú (火狐),’ which translates directly to ‘Fire Fox.’

    The English word for Red Panda is Red Panda and the Chinese word for Red Panda is “Firefox”. The logo is a Fox that is on Fire that does not look anything like a “Red Panda”

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