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Here’s Why Your iPhone, Running iOS 13, Charges Slower Than Normal

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iOS 13

The iOS 13 is the 13th version of the operating system developed by Apple Inc. for iPhones and iPads. Since its announcement at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 3rd 2019, it has received 3 updates and so far, not so good.

Despite these seemingly substantial upgrades, it is full of security concerns and bugs. Only 24 hours after its release, people were flooding social media platforms with complaints. They are experiencing issues ranging from Mail, Messages, Face ID camera, a flashlight to battery life.

What Went Wrong?

ChargerLab, reveal that Apple is silently slashing the performance of third-party chargers for iPhones running iOS 13. The speeds are being slashed from 7.5W to 5W.

To put that into perspective, it means that an iPhone running iOS 13 would wirelessly charge up to 80% in two hours. However, after installing iOS 13.1, it only charges up to 55% in the same time period. This is very slow and quite the downgrade.

There is still no official report from Apple but Apple Insider says that the manufacturers have deemed the problem more complicated than it looks.

iOS 13

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Positives of the iOS 13

The successor of the iOS 12, fortunately, features quite a few improvements as well. They have updated the Find My iPhone App and combined it with the Find my Friends App. This makes it easier to find both your friends and your devices.

The photos app was reorganized to put your best photos front and Centre. Video editing has also now been updated from just cropping to being able to adjust exposure, saturation, contrast and brightness. The update includes filters you can add to your videos as well.

There’s a new lighting adjustment feature letting you move the light closer to your subject. This digitally enhances smooth skin, sharper eyes and brighten facial features.

The new system-wide Dark Mode option changes the entire look of the Operating System. It darkens everything from the wallpapers to the built-in Apple Apps.

The new iOS 13 has its pros and cons but most of the issues are slowly being dealt with and we hope they will resolve this latest one too.

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